Everything is wonderful


Habis nonton film lama di jaringan tv kabel Max. Judulnya Fearless, yang main Jeff Bridges. Film yang bagus. Ini sinopsisnya dari Wikipedia.

Max Klein is a survivor of a plane crash. Many die, including his business partner. The trauma transforms his entire life. He enters an altered state of consciousness; soon after the crash he even thinks he is dead, and begins rethinking life, death, God, and the afterlife. Existential questions start to preoccupy his life. He moves away from his wife, son, and friends but, encouraged by an aircraft company psychiatrist, he tries to break the depression and apathy of another survivor, Carla Rodrigo, who lost her baby son during the flight. Eventually Max’s increasingly dramatic attempts at pushing the boundaries between life and death succeed in jolting Carla from her uncertain state. However, after parting company with Carla, Max remains preoccupied, which endangers his relationship with his wife and son. Max has another, more serious near-death experience after eating strawberries, to which he has a severe allergic reaction. He survives and (it is implied) he recovers his emotional connection to his family and the world.

Tapi yang terbaik adalah kata-kata Max Klein(Jeff Bridges) pada seorang anak saat pesawat yang mereka tumpangi hendak mendarat darurat dan kemudian ternyata pecah berkeping-keping.

“Everything is wonderful”

Berkaca pada hidupku, ternyata aku belum sampai ke sana.  Ke titik ‘surrender’ sepenuhnya.

But, I’ll be there soon….

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