Before it’s too late…

Friday comes, you go home, and you pick up the newspapers that you weren’t able to read during the week. You turn on the television with the sound off. You put on a cassette tape. You use the remote control to jump from one channel to the other, as you try to turn the pages of the paper and listen to the music. The papers contain nothing new, the TV programs are repetitious, and you’ve already heard the cassette dozens of times. Your wife is attending to the children, sacrificing her youthful years without really understanding why she is doing so. An excuse occurs to you: “Well, that’s the way life is.” No, that’s not the way life is. Life is enthusiasm. Try to remember where it was that you hid away your enthusiasm. Take your wife and children with you and try to find it again, before it’s too late. Love never kept anyone from following his dream.

From Maktub, by Paulo Coelho